Is your service legit?

Don't worry. All the services provided on this website are working as intended and legit.

Why is there a survey?

We were recently flooded by bots that abused our service and generated a lot of keys which caused hardware issues with our servers. To prevent that kind of abuse we now implemented a system that helps us to confirm the identity of the user. The surveys are all easy to do. So please spend some minutes of your time to help us in our fight against the spammers.

I didn't get my key. Why?

Sometimes an unexpected server-error can be the problem. If that is the case just redo the generation process.

My key doesn't work.

This bug can happen in some rare cases if you leave the browser-window while its processing or if your internet-connection is weak. To fix this just redo the whole process.
We are aware of that issue and we are currently working on solving it.

My question isn't listed here.

If your question is not listed here feel free to write an email to help@steamgg.com